Junk Removal

Hauling Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Your car called.  It wants its room back.   It’s okay, give us a call and we can make it happen.  We do all kinds of junk hauling and cleaning-out.  It’s time to stop shifting the junk from one side of the garage to the other.  Let us haul it away … Read more

National Pet Day

Hauling ServiceSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  It’s NATIONAL PET DAY!!!! We love that pets love us unconditionally. We love that pets are always there for us.  But we also love that Biscuit is an important part of our company.  He is our pet, friend, companion, cheerleader, encourager, and all-around side-kick. Some days he is like a mascot … Read more

Commercial Cleanup

Commercial Hauling SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE It’s important to keep your commercial and retail spaces looking nice.  Our professionals can make light work of your hauling and cleaning-out needs.  The condition of your space is a direct reflection on your business.  Our team is happy to partner with you for all your commercial hauling, disposing and removal … Read more

Y’all !

Demolition ServiceSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Y’all …. IT IS NATIONAL BURRITO DAY!!!!!!!!      DO YOU HEAR ME?? I have been thinking about my burrito since I woke up!  I hope you get your favorite one today!  I understand that “burrito” is Spanish for “little donkey” and honestly, I hope my burrito is about the size … Read more

We Can Go Big

Demolition Services SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE We are family-owned and operated but don’t let that fool you.  We have the equipment and manpower to tackle huge jobs.  We also have the local and family-owned attitude that ensures we do your job the way we would want it handled for ourselves.  Our professionals handle each job with care … Read more

Stressed With Mess?

Junk Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Does just looking at your garage or storage building make your back hurt?  Rather than having to make a chiropractic appointment and then miss work and fun while recovering, call S.O.S. Our team of strong backs can clean out and clean up your garage or storage space in no time! Call … Read more

Heavy Haulers

Debris Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Has the junk pile gotten out of hand?  Call in the Heavy Haulers!   Our experienced junk hauling team doesn’t shy away from the big stuff.  We can turn your big haul away job into a finished job.  So if you have been putting it off because it just seems overwhelming, … Read more

April Fool’s Day

Junk HaulersSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  Don’t get fooled today!   Imagine someone trying to tell you that we aren’t the best junk hauling, debris removing, garbage disposing, and demolition company around!  That would be hilarious!   Take that crazy talk somewhere else!    SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE (S.O.S.)6505 North W St.  Pensacola, FL 32505850-758-9900https://bit.ly/3u0LFXi  #dontberidiculous  #aprilfoolsday  #thatsnotevenfunny  #junkremovalpensacola  … Read more

Shed the Junk

Demolition ServiceSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE I’m not going in there!  Are you going in there?  Why even have it? If you’re worried that your junk is too large for our truck, worry no more!   If you need to shed your shed, call us today!   We do demolition if necessary and haul away all the … Read more

Miguel Moved Out

Junk Hauling & Demolition ServiceSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Miguel was here….. now he’s gone.  He left his mess to carry on.   Stressed with his mess?  Call S.O.S.   We can clean up the junk left behind and even take down the building if you prefer.  Our professional junk haulers and demolition team are just what … Read more