Junk & Garbage Removal Services Pensacola

Something Old Salvage is a family-owned junk removal and trash hauling company
whose number one goal is to treat each client with dignity and their items with respect.

Junk Removal Company

Junk is our business. At Something Old Salvage, our junk removal company is able to help you get rid of the items you no longer want or need. Whether you are remodeling, moving, or simply want to declutter, you can give us a call and we can assess the project, give you an estimate, and then you can decide how you want to proceed. Our professional crew is usually available the same day or the next day to help with cleanouts, demolition, removal of household items, yard or construction debris, and so much more. Call S.O.S to help you get the junk out of your life.

Junk Removal Services

We are a family-owned junk removal company whose sole goal is to help both commercial and residential clients declutter their space, and all at reasonable and affordable prices. So if junk has piled up in your property, don’t worry. S.O.S. offers effective junk removal services in and around Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. 

Junk removal services and solutions provided include furniture removal, appliance removal, yard debris removal, construction junk removal, renovation junk removal, garbage removal, and mattress removal. Our services will leave the property looking beautiful and spacious.

We have a team of hardworking, dedicated professionals who are committed to clearing out your space in a timely and efficient manner. Call us today and request a free quote.

Hauling Services

How Can Hauling Services Benefit You? Are you overwhelmed with junk? Do you want to find a way to get rid of it once and for all? At Something Old Salvage, our professional crew can take care of all of your junk removal needs. Whether you have old appliances, electronics, furniture, or other items that you want out of your way, S.O.S. hauling services are a good choice. We are a family-owned company and we take pride in helping those in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties get rid of their junk. Contact us today and we can haul off just about any junk or garbage you may have.

Garbage Removal Services

Something Old Salvage provides expert garbage removal services. They can remove all kinds of garbage, including household items. Their garbage removal services are ideal if you have appliances, electronics, and furniture that you need to get rid of. 

S.O.S can also remove debris, such as rubbish from construction projects or yard waste. If you have garbage that needs to be removed from your commercial or residential space, then we got you covered. S.O.S’s garbage removal services can take care of it all, including cleanouts, demolition projects such as old fencing, sheds and much more. If you have garbage that needs to be removed, then call Something Old Salvage.

What Our Clients Says

Household Junk Removal

Something Old Salvage offers household junk removal services. We are capable of removing all sorts of household junk from your property, and this includes appliances of all sizes. Whether you have a small compact freezer or you have several large appliances, we can get rid of them for you. 

Furniture, carpet, tile, and electronics can also be removed. S.O.S’s household junk removal services include highly skilled professionals going to your property and removing your junk in a timely manner. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few pieces of furniture, a single room or you have an entire property full of junk, S.O.S can handle your household junk removal project.

Clean Outs

At Something Old Salvage we offer clean-out services for house clean-outs, estate clean-outs, eviction clean-outs, business clean-outs, foreclosure clean-outs, and more. Whether you are moving from your home, being evicted, cleaning out a business premises, or need a foreclosure property emptied, we can help you. 

We offer fast, efficient and professional clean-outs, and will ensure that everything we remove is disposed of safely and in an appropriate manner. Our team of junk removal experts will come and assess the property and give you a no-obligation quote for your clean-out. Don’t let mess stress you out. Call us today.

Demolition Services

We offer a range of junk clean-out and demolition services at Something Old Salvage. Our services include everything from shed demolition to carpet demolition, tile removal, fencing demolition and more. Whether you are looking for help taking down a small shed or conservatory, or are working on a much bigger project, we are here to help you.

Our team is fully qualified and experienced and can offer safe, comprehensive demolition services along with debris removal, leaving you with a safe and clean site after the work is completed. Call us today for a quote for your next demolition project.

Debris Removal

Something Old Salvage can help you with all your debris removal projects. Our professional, family-owned business can haul away the debris you have from yard clean up, construction projects, or renovation projects. Stuff from these kinds of projects can pile up and leave quite a mess. However, you don’t have to let the mess cause you stress! When you are ready for S.O.S. debris removal services, give us a call and our friendly team can make an appointment to assess the project and help you get rid of any unwanted debris or junk you may have.

Commercial Junk Removal Services

Something Old Salvage is a commercial junk removal company operating in and around Santa Rosa and Escambia counties. Over time, commercial areas such as retail spaces, office spaces, and warheouses can build up a significant pile of junk. S.O.S. can provide an insured, bonded, and professional junk removal team to haul out any unwanted junk in your commercial space. We will completely clean out your commercial space whether you’re remodeling, redecorating, or just getting the rental space ready for a new tenant.

Miscellaneous Junk Removal

Are you stressed with a mess? At Something Old Salvage, a family-owned junk removal company, we take pride in helping residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties with removing their miscellaneous junk. Whether you have a pool table that has seen better days, a piano that is doing nothing but collecting dust, a hot tub that isn’t so hot, gym equipment that never gets used, or other items that are causing you stress, our professional team can remove these unneeded and unwanted items. No matter what kind of junk you may have, S.O.S is here to help you remove it. Call us today.

Residential Cleaning

If you are in need of residential cleaning, you should call us. We offer the most thorough and comprehensive services in the area, including:

  • Cleaning homes and apartments
  • Tidying up after move-ins and move-outs
  • Cleaning hard to reach places, like baseboards and blinds
  • Making sure that your appliances, like the oven and refrigerator, are clean
  • We even do windows…

There is no job that is too small or large for us. If you have cleaning that needs to be done,  get in touch with us today so we can help you get things in tip-top shape.

Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning, the way that your business is perceived by others means a lot. If you really want a clean office space, then hiring a company to take care of your cleaning is essential. We do everything from washing windows and making sure there is no dust on your blinds, to cleaning out office refrigerators and making sure that there are no scuff marks on baseboards. We stand by all of the work we do and ensure that we will make your company look like a dream.