10 Frequently Asked Questions About
Junk Removal, Demolition, And Cleaning Services

Below are some of the most common frequently asked questions.
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The cost of hauling away your junk can vary depending on certain factors. The price charged can be anywhere from $60 to $800, although most people spend between $60 and $150 to have their junk carried away. Companies will typically charge $60 to $150 as the minimum charge and then add an additional $20 to $40 for each additional item. For this reason, it is always cheapest to haul everything out at once.
National Average: $236 Low End - High End: $60 - $650 Typical Range: $134 - $360

As mentioned above, the average cost to have junk hauled away can be anywhere from $134 - $360. The average price for removing a specific piece of furniture like a sofa or couch is about $75 - $200.

 It takes time to carefully declutter and remove junk to the recycle plant. But, this important task doesn’t have to end up on your endless to-do list, you can have a garbage removal service arrive on-site to lend a hand.

Junk removal services will handle the removal of your unwanted items. The prices for this service will depend greatly on the types of garbage being carted away and the amounts. Once the items being discarded have been removed from the property they will be discarded according to the proper waste disposal codes.

Construction works to raise a structure while demolition works to pull the same buildings down. There are many reasons that a building will have to be torn down, mostly because they are old and dangerous. When a building is no longer fulfilling its purpose it is just taking up valuable real estate and should be removed to make room for a more suitable structure.

Sometimes the whole house will need to be addressed from top to bottom. If a tenant has left boxes of belongings or there are multiple rooms filled with unwanted items, the whole house cleanout can handle it all. This includes appliances, clothing, and other items in basements, garages and attics if needed.

Residential cleaners will perform a wide variety of cleaning tasks including, washing surfaces, mopping floors, vacuuming, and dusting. You can even choose other additional tasks like washing the windows if you so choose. For the most part, all the professional residential cleaners themselves will supply their own cleaning products and equipment.

There are some important things that you should ask a junk removal company when you are making contact. Here are 5 important questions to ask:

  • What type of junk removal services do you offer?
  • How quickly can you do the job?
  • Do you recycle?
  • What is the pricing structure of the company?

  • Do you have insurance?

The easiest way is to rent a dumpster that can be wheeled into place and filled with your yard waste. You can call up your local waste management professionals to see if yard debris pickup is one of the options they offer.

It can be hard to know where to start when you begin decluttering your home. Here are some important places to begin. Once these have been removed, you may have a better idea of where to go from there. 

  • Cardboard Boxes 
  • Extra Water Bottles 
  • Carry Out Menus 
  • Last Year's Calendar
  • Unmatched Socks 
  • Ratty Old Towels
  • Extra Buttons
  • Stretched Out Hair Ties