He Shed / She Shed

Junk HaulingSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE She claims it as a ‘She Shed’…he claims it as a ‘He Shed’……. yet there it is, collecting junk.    At this point, just start over and get rid of everything.   Call today for a quick estimate on junk removal and hauling services.  SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE (S.O.S.)6505 North W St. … Read more

Garage Unsold

Junk HaulersSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  Having a yard sale seems like a great idea.  And it is, in theory.  But often, there are more things left unsold than there are sold.   That’s when we come in to save the day!  Not only do we do junk hauling and garbage removal, but we take time to … Read more

Unpacked…Now What?

Junk Hauling SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE You finally got into the new place and even unpacked and put things away.  That’s exciting and impressive!  So now what….. Don’t let the garage you were so excited about, become a storage unit for all the things you don’t want in the house.   Call us today for garbage removal, … Read more

Debris Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE High winds?  Angry Mother-In-Law?  New driver going too fast? You don’t even have to answer those questions.  Our heavy haulers can make light work of that mysterious situation.  It looks like the demolition has taken care of itself so we can haul away what remains of …….  whatever it used to … Read more

Tree Debris

Debris RemovalSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE As Autumn creeps in, it’s time for the new season property clean-up.  But you don’t have to do it all by yourself.  Something Old Salvage will send in a debris removal team for any size job.   So if you need a few limbs hauled away or maybe you have pulled … Read more

Salvage What We Can

Junk RemovalSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE We tear down, haul-away, clean-out and clean-up.   During these jobs, especially house clean-outs and estate situations, we try to donate the things we can. We do junk removal while trying to keep as much out of the landfill as possible. Call us today and schedule a quick estimate for your job. … Read more

Transformation Tuesday

Junk HaulingSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  It’s TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY!   One of the most fun things about our job is getting to see the before and after of a completed project. If you have an area that needs transforming, be it demolition, junk hauling, garbage disposal, or debris removal call us today!    SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE (S.O.S.)6505 … Read more

Commercial Clean-Out

Commercial Hauling ServiceSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE If your company is making changes and wondering what to do and where to put the old equipment, call S.O.S.  We will send in a team to professionally remove your unwanted items.   We are licensed and experienced in all types of removal services and your one call solution for … Read more

Junk Hauling

Debris Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Do you have an old neglected building or lot you’d like to sell?  Maybe you’re looking to buy a lot that’s littered with debris.  Something Old Salvage can help with either situation.  We can send in our professionals to Clean-Up the lot and Haul Away the debris.   Making it more … Read more

Heavy Hauling

Debris Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  Do you know we offer demolition services with complete clean-up?  If you have debris from a previous demolition job, we are glad to haul it away as well.   Our professionals, and their strong backs, can get your eyesore cleaned up. There is no need to look out and see that … Read more