Museum of Commerce

The Museum of Commerce is a reconstructed street scene from the early 1900s of Pensacola, Florida. It features businesses that operated in the city from 1880 to 1910. Located at 201 Zaragoza St, Pensacola, FL 32502, this attraction offers a unique look back in time. In this interactive, hands-on experience, visitors can see what daily life was like for people in the past. It is an excellent choice for families and is sure to provide an educational experience. Next Post

The Historic Pensacola Museum is a restored turn-of-the-century warehouse and is a must-see for history buffs. The building is filled with relics of a bygone era, including a reconstructed streetscape from the 1890s. The museum contains reconstructed shops, a toy store, hardware stores, music stores, a gas station, and horse-drawn buggies. Ticket prices are only $20, and you can visit the museum on any of the seven days.

A reconstructed street scene from Palafox is on display at the Museum of Commerce, one of the many self-guided museums in Historic Pensacola Village. Other exhibits include the Trolley, Carriages of Yesteryear, and A. M. Avery Hardware Store. The museum also has a Barber Shop and a gas station. Those looking for a unique and interesting experience should plan to spend a few hours here.

The Museum of Commerce is a reconstructed streetscape in the town of Pensacola, Florida. The museum’s collection includes twenty properties, some of which are interactive historical sites. There are also several storefronts and a print shop, where you can see some of the town’s history. Guests can ride a tram that is reversible and steers the trolley in the opposite direction.

The Museum of Commerce features a replica of a nineteenth-century streetscape. The buildings include a print shop and toy stores. There is even a trolley and a peanut stand right next to the print shop. There is a great view of the city from the tram and it is worth spending a few hours at the museum. It is a unique experience for many people. At the same time, the reconstructed streetscape is a great place to spend a day. Additional info

If you have children, you can visit the Museum of Commerce. The Children’s Museum is a hands-on museum for kids up to 12 years old. The Discovery Gallery has interactive displays illustrating the history of the town and its people. The second floor features Native American artifacts and a large toy shop. The Children’s Museum is an excellent place for birthday parties. The exhibits and tours are free and suitable for all ages.

The Museum of Commerce offers a variety of historical exhibits. The building is a unique venue with restored 1890s streetscape and brick turn-of-the-century warehouse architecture. It can accommodate up to 150 guests for a dinner or cocktail reception, and can accommodate up to 250 for a reception and a cocktail hour. A tour of the museum is included with admission to the museum complex. It is worth the trip to see the beautiful history of the city.