The full-scale fiberglass replica of Stonehenge is a popular tourist attraction in Elberta, AL. It was created at the request of marina owner George W. Barber. Artist Mark Cline was commissioned to design and build the attraction. The re-creation is a fascinating attraction, displaying the beauty of nature and the art of man. Check this out

The location of Bamahenge is off-road. It is located about half way up Barber Parkway. The walk off-road is a fun experience for families and is perfect for capturing the moment in a picture. During the day, you can relax in the shade or enjoy a romantic sunset on the beach. And at night, you can visit the monument for some great photography.

There are a couple ways to visit the monument. The first way is to drive to Elberta and look for a parking lot. The second way is to drive to Barber Parkway. You’ll be able to find the monument on your own. It is about four miles inland from the Gulf and has a large, curved shape. While you’re driving there, be sure to stop and take some pictures.

The Bamahenge was built from fiberglass and is 104 feet wide. It is aligned with the summer solstice so that it’s easy to see if you’re in the area. It is easy to find a parking spot and take pictures, making it a popular spot for families. This sculpture is a great place to take a family vacation, and it’s a great place for a day trip!

The Bamahenge is an impressive piece of artwork. It’s 21 feet tall and 104 feet long. It’s a perfect place to visit with kids and is a beautiful spot to visit. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes, and bring your camera. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll love the sculpture, and it’s well worth the trip. When you visit, be sure to bring your camera. Browse around this site

The Bamahenge is an ancient structure made of fiberglass. It is situated in Elberta, Alabama, about 35 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and 20 miles from downtown Pensacola, Florida. You’ll find it on a road leading to the Barber Marina, where you can park your car and walk up to it. It is also easy to photograph. It is the perfect destination for families!

It’s a fiberglass recreation of Stonehenge, but it isn’t a state property. Instead, it is located near the Barber Marina, which is owned by George Barber. This Georgia man made millions in dairy products in Birmingham and decided to recreate Stonehenge in Pensacola, FL. He later had a replica of his monument built in Virginia. This was an incredibly expensive project, but it is worth the visit if you’re in the area.