4 Ways Appliance Disposal Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

appliance disposal

When you buy a new electric product like a dishwasher, microwave, or refrigerator, you probably don’t know what to do with the old or damaged one. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many families in Florida are stuck with old home appliances, not knowing whether to dispose of them or move them to the garage.

Having old appliances in your garage that you don’t actively use can increase your energy consumption. Additionally, these old appliances can find their way to landfills, impacting the environment negatively. That means proper appliance disposal is crucial to reduce your carbon footprint. Please continue reading to unveil how professional and responsible appliance disposal can protect our environment.

How Responsible Appliance Disposal Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Here are the following ways in which professional appliance disposal can help protect the environment:

Reduced Landfill Density

Old and broken appliances that end up in landfills can take up space, release harmful chemicals, and contribute to producing methane (a potent greenhouse gas). For example, an old refrigerator contains 20 pounds of harsh chemicals and other dangerous contaminants.

With proper disposal techniques, such as recycling, refurbishing, or donating appliances, you can keep old appliances out of landfills and mitigate their negative environmental impact.

Reduced Emission of Carbon Dioxide

Old and damaged home appliances tend to emit greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), during operation due to their lower efficiency. By removing these appliances and opting for environmentally friendly alternatives, you can significantly decrease the carbon emissions associated with your old household and protect the environment.

Save Resources

Refurbishing your old households lets you repurpose the items that might otherwise be thrown away. Also, by recycling these appliances, you can save resources and reduce your carbon footprint.

You will find several charitable organizations that exist solely to accept unwanted appliances for reuse. By donating your old appliances to these organizations, you can benefit both your environment and the local community.

Protect the Ozone Layer

Do you know that adequately recycling freezer doors or refrigerators can prevent 30 pounds of CFCs from entering our atmosphere every year? That means, with professional and responsible appliance disposal, you can protect the ozone layer of our atmosphere. Also, responsible appliance disposal can protect us from burning UV-A and UV-B rays coming from the sun.

As a homeowner in Florida, it is always good to dispose of old appliances from your premises as soon as you get the new ones. Regardless of their size, unused households can take up a lot of space in your home and affect its aesthetic appeal.

Also, leaving your old appliances lying around can emit hazardous chemicals, affecting the environment negatively. So, if you need professional appliance disposal experts near me, look no further than Something Old Salvage.