Top 5 Factors that Influence Dumpster Cost

dumpster cost

Renting a dumpster is a convenient way to remove and dispose of large amounts of trash or debris, but you’ll be curious how much it will cost. Every dumpster rental firm is unique. Even once you’re settled down on a fixed price that meets your budget, you still have to consider several factors that might influence dumpster cost.

Please read on to learn about the five critical factors that can influence the dumpster cost.

Factors Influencing the Dumpster Cost

The ultimate dumpster rental cost depends on the following factors:

Dumpster Size

The size of the dumpster container you choose is the most obvious factor that affects the price you pay for a dumpster rental. In Florida, dumpster sizes are determined by their cubic yardage. Also, the most common dumpster sizes include 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards.

Underestimating the amount of space a junk removal requires is one of the costlier mistakes dumpster rental customers make. For example, if you opt for a dumpster container that is smaller than you need, it will require you to rent an additional container, resulting in higher rates.


Generally, dumpster rental providers have associated a weight limit in their base price. If you exceed the specific weight limit, you will have to pay overage fees per additional ton. These overage fees can quickly add up, especially if you dispose of heavier materials or commercial waste.

Additional overage fees vary from company to company, but it generally costs between $60 and $100 per extra ton. Similar to dumpster size, you can avoid these expenses by renting a larger container than you think you will need.

Type of Debris

When describing the type of material you want to remove with a dumpster container, make sure to be as detailed as possible. Some dumpster rental companies offer discounts for clean loading. That means you might have to pay less if you’re renting a dumpster to eliminate recyclable construction materials such as concrete or shingles.

Remember, you can expect to pay higher dumpster costs if you put unauthorized material into the container. Additionally, it can have the potential to get you fined and ticketed.

Rental Period

The rental period is another significant factor that can influence the final cost of your dumpster rental. The dumpster rental cost varies significantly based on the length of the rental period. Usually, you have to rent a container for about 5 to 10 days, but this length may vary depending on the project interval.

Landfill Fees

The landfill fees in your area will have a considerable impact on dumpster rental costs. Most dumpster rental companies are charged by landfills depending on the type and weight of junk you want to dispose of.

Dumpster rental costs vary significantly depending on several factors. However, you can get quotes from multiple dumpster rental companies to find an offer that suits well to your budget. Also, you can get assistance from the experts of Something Old Salvage to learn more about dumpster costs in Florida.