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Endless Possibilities

Demolition/Junk HaulingSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE We’ve told you we do demolition.     We’ve told you that we do junk hauling.  Have we told you that there seem to be no limits to the things we can do? If you have a project that is just too daunting, give us a call!   It’s what we … Read more

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Looking for Help?

Haul Away Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Looking for help? It’s time to take a good look around your yard and business to see what other people see.   Then call us to haul away all the things you decide you’re ready to do away with.  We do junk removal and haul away services for both residential … Read more

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You’re Fired!

Junk Removal & Demolition SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Has your old fire pit served its time?   Has it become more of an eyesore than an addition to you your lawn? We can rid you of that old heap in no time.  Our team will demolish, haul away and clean-up the space to prepare for what you … Read more

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Junk RemovalSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Ummmmmm…….  Well…..  It was collectible alright.  It was collecting dirt, mice, wasps, snakes, and fines for being an eyesore.   We remove all types of junk.  If there is something you are unsure we can help with, give us a call.  We will be happy to speak with you about it. … Read more

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Hoard Hauling

Junk HaulingSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE If you have found yourself, a loved one, friend or neighbor in a hoarding situation, we can help.  Our professionals specialize in hauling away the things that keep you from enjoying your home or lawn.   Stressed with mess?  Call S.O.S. SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE (S.O.S.)6505 North W St.  Pensacola, FL 32505850-758-9900   … Read more

Benefits of Hiring A Junk Removal Company

Everyone wants to maintain a clean home or a commercial property. However, you might be better off hiring a junk removal company instead of doing everything yourself. That’s because outsourcing this task tends to be the most cost-effective solution. You’ll save time and money when working together with a local junk removal company. Additionally, as … Read more

Trash And Junk Junk Removal Service Something Old Salvage 6505 North W Street Pensacola FL 32505 850 758 9900

Transform Your Home With Removing Your Miscellaneous Junk 

When broken items and things you don’t use anymore start piling up around your home, you need to take advantage of the miscellaneous junk removal services from Something Old Salvage. Whether you need to get rid of an old piano or a broken sofa, Something Old Salvage will take care of all of your junk … Read more

Office Junk Inside An Office Junk Removal Service Something Old Salvage 6505 North W Street Pensacola FL 32505 850 758 9900

Commercial Junk & Trash Removal Services

Do you have a lot of old junk you need to get rid of? If you have more mess than you can manage, there’s an easy solution to your problem. Something Old Salvage can remove commercial junk from your retail space, office, or warehouse. Our commercial junk removal services will allow you to say goodbye … Read more

Debris Removal Pensacola FL

Why Work With Our Debris Removal Service in Pensacola, FL

You should work with our debris removal service if you have a yard, construction, or renovation debris to deal with. Here at Something Old Salvage, we are here to help you deal with debris no matter what kind of project you’re working on. Here’s more about why you should work with us. When you’re working … Read more

Demolished Home Junk Removal Service Something Old Salvage 6505 North W Street Pensacola FL 32505 850 758 9900

Top Demolition Services 

Something Old Salvage is well-regarded for offering premium demolition services at affordable rates. The team is competent, proven, and understands what it takes to get the job done. When it comes to top-tier results, no one does it better than this team! Shed Demolition Getting rid of a shed is difficult without assistance from a … Read more