Heavy Haulers

Junk RemovalSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Has the junk pile gotten out of hand?  Call in the Heavy Haulers!   Our experienced team doesn’t shy away from the big stuff.  We can turn your big job into a finished job.  So if you have been putting it off because it just seems overwhelming, we have you covered. … Read more

Commercial Clean-Up

Commercial Junk RemovalSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  Not only do we do Residential Clean-Up, but we also do Commercial Clean-Up.  We enjoy working with businesses to get rid of things that are no longer needed and provide a clean space for better use.   We are fully licensed and insured.  Visit our website for even more information … Read more

Make it Shine

Cleaning Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Today is ‘No Housework Day!’ That’s a holiday we can get on board with!   If you decide to observe this one, give us a call.  We have a team of cleaning specialists who can pick up the reigns for you.  If it turns out you like the holiday so much … Read more

Stressed With Mess?

Junk Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Does just looking at your garage or storage building make your back hurt?  Rather than having to make a chiropractic appointment and then miss work and fun while recovering, call S.O.S. Our team of strong backs can clean out and clean up your garage or storage space in no time! Call … Read more

Make It Go Away!

Debris RemovalSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE We are here to make your life easier…. and tidier! The team of Something Old Salvage is in the business of Debris Removal.  Whether you have Storm Debris, a Garage Clean-Out, a House Clean-Out or just general Garbage Hauling to be done, give us a call.  We work hard and we work … Read more

Let There be Space!

Junk Removal Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  Is your storage unit so full of junk you don’t want to keep that there is no space for the stuff you do want to keep?   Give us a call.  Our heavy haulers can make quick work of clearing out your space for better things.   Stressed  with mess? … Read more

Not So Pretty in Pink

Interior Demolition SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE We know what you’re thinking….  But this bathroom isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Thinking of a DIY project that is just a bit much?  Maybe you need a little help on the front-end. We at Something Old Salvage don’t limit our demolition service to exterior projects.    We can tear out … Read more

Miguel Moved Out

Junk Hauling & Demolition ServiceSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Miguel was here….. now he’s gone.  Left his mess to carry on.   Stressed with his mess?  Call S.O.S.   We can clean up the junk left behind and even take down the building if you prefer.   SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE (S.O.S.)6505 North W St.  Pensacola, FL 32505850-758-9900https://bit.ly/3u0LFXi  … Read more

Shed the Junk

Demolition ServiceSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE I’m not going in there!  Are you going in there?  Why even have it? If you’re worried that your junk is too large for our truck, worry no more!   So if you need to shed your shed, call us today!   SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE (S.O.S.)6505 North W St.  Pensacola, FL … Read more

Mom & Pop

Junk Hauling CompanySOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Today is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!  I’m not sure if our owners, Anthony and Sabrina Simpson, would be exactly what you have in mind when referring to “Mom and Pop”,  but they are committed to making the process of getting rid of your unwanted items as seamless and stress-free … Read more