Junk Removal Service in Pensacola FL

Stressed With Mess?

Junk Removal Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Remember how excited you were to have that extra bedroom?  Remember how you planned for family and friends to be able to visit?  Well, about that….. We, at Something Old Salvage, can come in and help get your room back with our clean-out service.  Our professionals will respectfully clean … Read more

Garbage Removal Pensacola FL

Garbage Removal Service

Garbage Removal Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Living among the most beautiful beaches in the world it isn’t always easy to see visitors and locals alike, leaving their trash behind. Something Old Salvage has a garbage removal service that will come in and take care of what others won’t.  We remove garbage from residents, commercial properties … Read more

Commercil Cleaning Service Pensacola

Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Don’t be mislead by our name.  We offer all sorts of cleaning services! We will clean: your business your home your job site your construction debris your garage your leftover garage sale items your attic, your basement, your storage building and more! We offer quick estimates and quick work. … Read more

Junk Removal Specialist

Junk Removal Specialists

Junk Removal Specialists SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Good Intentions……. We know……  It seemed like a good idea at the time…….  There is a saying about the road being paved with good intentions……. If your good intention has become a snake collecting and wasp nest holding eye sore, call Something Old Salvage.  It isn’t that we want … Read more