Don’t Mess with Mother Nature

Junk RemovalSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE All you wanted to do was stick it back there out of sight.  You were just trying to get the neighbors to stop complaining.   That’s when Mother Nature stepped in and she has it so tangled in vines you can’t move it.   Mother Nature has jokes.  But we don’t … Read more

Commercial Clean-Out

Commercial Hauling SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE We are here for your Commercial Hauling needs as well as those around your home.  We have the equipment and manpower to take on large jobs.   Our heavy haulers will have your space looking nice and back to normal in no time.  Call us today for quick estimates and quick … Read more

We Can Do It

Commercial Clean-OutSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Can we do it?  YES WE CAN! We love jobs like this.  Removing the headache for a property owner is so gratifying.  This would take days and load after load to the trash for someone unprepared for a job of this magnitude.   Call us today for all your hauling, cleaning-out, … Read more

Around the Block

Hauling Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE PLEASE KEEP TO THE MIDDLE WHEN ENTERING THE HOME.  (we will admit it’s a creative idea to keep visitors away)  When those old concrete blocks have worn out their welcome as a porch addition, give us a call.   Our team of Heavy Haulers can demolish that safety hazard and haul … Read more

There Goes the Neighborhood

Garbage Removal ServiceSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Has a trash area in your neighborhood become an eyesore.  Has it become an area that you dread driving by? Does it go so far as to lower your property value? We specialize in cleaning up and clearing out.  Our professionals will come in and get your area cleaned the … Read more

Storage Wars

Junk HaulingSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Somehow, someway y’all took the phrase “storage wars” in a different direction.   It was never intended for you to go to your storage area and have a war.  We don’t know if you had a war with your ex or if you had a war with the actual junk in … Read more

Not so Hot

Junk Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Mosquito Growing Area If you haven’t been hired by the government to grow mosquitos for some sort of repellant study, chances are, you should get rid of that not-so-hot tub you have in the backyard. Again, we know you had big plans for it….. we know it only needed one part … Read more

TIREd of It?

Commercial Junk RemovalSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE COMMERCIAL CLEAN UP You may know we specialize in junk removal.  But you may not know we do all types of junk removal.  If you are a business owner and things are piling up, give us a call.   Our professionals will get rid of unwanted or old fixtures, office furniture, … Read more

Fence Clearing

Fence RemovalSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  We aren’t afraid of good hard work.  As a matter of fact, we take pride in it.    We do both commercial and residential debris removal.   Have a fence that longer keeps anything in or out?  We can take care of it for you.  Not only will we demolish and … Read more

Snake Sanctuary

Debris Clearing SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  Unless you are starting a snake sanctuary, that backyard debris area isn’t a good idea.   There is no need to have to be afraid of your own backyard.  We can clean that up for you. Call us today for your Debris Removal and Haul-Away needs.  We look forward to meeting … Read more