Commercil Cleaning Service Pensacola

No Job Too Small

Trash Removal Something Old Salvage Whether you are a landlord who is dealing with bad tenant leftovers or a renter moving into a less than expected situation, we can help.  We can keep you from risking a back ache, from buying the gloves you would need for the job, and the city’s fee for them … Read more

Runaway Renters

Junk Removal Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Going into the rental business seems like a good idea until you have your first rogue renters.   You know the ones.  They trash your property and disappear into the night leaving you with the nightmare of clean-up. Something Old Salvage has you covered.  Not only will we come … Read more

Commercil Cleaning Service Pensacola

Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Don’t be mislead by our name.  We offer all sorts of cleaning services! We will clean: your business your home your job site your construction debris your garage your leftover garage sale items your attic, your basement, your storage building and more! We offer quick estimates and quick work. … Read more

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Simply Clean

Residential Cleaning Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Something Old Salvage specializes in cleaning. Whether it be debris removal, junk removal, lawn cleanup, commercial cleaning or residential cleaning we have the right people the job.  As a family owned business you get personal care with a sense pride and respect that isn’t available with larger cleaning companies. … Read more