Junk Removal Company

Junk Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Something Old Salvage is in the business of removing unwanted junk.  We have seen it all.  So please don’t hesitate to call us for help with your project.  Our team gets excited about helping and is anxious for your call. We specialize in junk hauling, garbage removal, demolition services and … Read more

Nightmare Neighbors

Junk HaulersSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  So, you’ve worked hard to get your home ready for Spring.  It looks like the family may be coming over for a cook-out but it also looks like the neighbors had a bad break-up and she wanted nothing that reminds her of him.   Call us today.  We will send our … Read more

St Patrick’s Day

Junk HaulersSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Happy St Patrick’s Day! Here’s a little history for you:   Born in Britain, Saint Patrick was captured by slave traders when he was 16 and brought to Ireland to be a shepherd. After six years of imprisonment, he escaped back to Britain. While imprisoned, though, he had become a devout Christian. … Read more

As the Garage Should Be

Junk Haulers SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE You finally got rid of that deadbeat husband…… we can get rid of his junk.  You can have the garage as a place to actually park your car! Your car is probably one of the largest investments you will ever make and yet it sits in the weather while that left … Read more

We Love What We Do

Junk Hauling ServiceSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  We love what we do!  Thank you all for allowing us to serve you over the past years.   Our S.O.S. family strives to not only properly dispose of unwanted or unneeded things but to help reduce your stress.  If there is a job you are dreading or just can’t … Read more

What’s on the Inside Counts Too

Junk Hauling ServiceSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Did y’all know that we will haul things from INSIDE your home?  Our work isn’t limited to your yard, garage or storage unit.  Not only will we haul away the things you don’t want but we can even do demolition to prepare your home for renovation.  Sometimes we even surprise … Read more

Old Stuff

Junk Hauling SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE  Today is Old Stuff Day!    It’s an actual day!    We didn’t make this up!   We have great ideas on how to honor this one.  Call and let us help with hauling or demolishing your old stuff.   If your stuff is old and unusable, we will haul it … Read more

Hoard Hauling

Junk HaulingSOMETHING OLD SALVAGE If you have found yourself, a loved one, friend or neighbor in a hoarding situation, we can help.  Our professionals specialize in hauling away the things that keep you from enjoying your home or lawn.   We are professionals in junk hauling, junk removal, debris removal, demolition, garbage removal and are … Read more

Where’s the Car?

Junk Removal Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Is your investment sitting out in the weather while the garage is filled with things you haven’t even looked at in years?  Or maybe you just remembered that there IS a car in there somewhere!  Something Old Salvage can help you dig it out or make space for the one … Read more

Trashy Tenant

Junk Hauling SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE We often walk into a property and just have no words.  If you are a landlord and have fallen victim to a bad tenant, give us a call.  Not only do we offer trash removal, junk hauling, and garbage disposal, but we can remove walls and flooring if it comes to … Read more