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Mother Nature’s Mess

Lawn Clean Up Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Did Mother Nature and hurricane season come together to make a mess in your yard?  Something Old Salvage can take care of that for you.  Our strong professionals will load it up and haul it away for you as if it never happened at all. We have the … Read more

Junk Removal Pensacola

Stressed With Mess?

Junk/Garbage Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Buy the house unseen they said…… It’s an auction and will be a great deal, they said……. Now, where are “they”? If you have a mess on your hands call Something Old Salvage. We specialize in making messes disappear. Not only will we haul away the garbage, we will haul … Read more

Garbage Removal Pensacola FL

Garbage Removal Service

Garbage Removal Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Living among the most beautiful beaches in the world it isn’t always easy to see visitors and locals alike, leaving their trash behind. Something Old Salvage has a garbage removal service that will come in and take care of what others won’t.  We remove garbage from residents, commercial properties … Read more

The Company Trailer Junk Removal Service Something Old Salvage 6505 North W Street Pensacola FL 32505 850 758 9900 www.somethingoldsalvage.com

Where’s the Car?

Junk Removal Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Is your investment sitting out in the weather while the garage is filled with things you haven’t even looked at in years?  Or maybe you just remembered that there IS a car in there somewhere! Something Old Salvage can help you dig it out or help you make space … Read more

Junk Removal Company Pensacola FL


Junk Removal Something Old Salvage SHARK! Shark Week party get a little out of hand? It seemed like a good idea at the time. You forgot just how seriously Jacob takes this. He took it to a new level this year. Ole, Jacob added new meaning to “dropping by”. His host gift left nothing to be … Read more

Commercil Cleaning Service Pensacola

Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Don’t be mislead by our name.  We offer all sorts of cleaning services! We will clean: your business your home your job site your construction debris your garage your leftover garage sale items your attic, your basement, your storage building and more! We offer quick estimates and quick work. … Read more

Junk Removal Service

Attic’s New Life

Junk Removal Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Need more room?  Looking to add some square footage to your living space?  We can be the first step in helping make that happen! Something Old Salvage specializes in doing away with unwanted things.  Our team consists of skilled and trained people who work hard to get your job … Read more

Hot-Tub Removal 

Hot-Tub Removal 

Hot-Tub Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Mosquito Growing Area If you haven’t been hired by the government to grow mosquitos for some sort of repellant study, chances are, you should get rid of that not-so-hot tub you have in the backyard. Again, we know you had big plans for it….. we know it only needed one … Read more

Junk Removal Specialist

Junk Removal Specialists

Junk Removal Specialists SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Good Intentions……. We know……  It seemed like a good idea at the time…….  There is a saying about the road being paved with good intentions……. If your good intention has become a snake collecting and wasp nest holding eye sore, call Something Old Salvage.  It isn’t that we want … Read more

TIREd of It?

Commercial Junk Removal SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE At Something Old Salvage we specialize in junk removal.  But what you may not know is that we do all sorts of junk removal.  If you are a business owner and things are piling up, give us a call.  We would like to come do some of the things … Read more