Commercial Clean-Out in Pensacola

Commercial Clean-Out

Commercial Hauling Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE If your company is making changes and wondering what to do and where to put the old equipment, call S.O.S.  We can send in a team to professionally remove your unwanted items.  We are licensed and experienced in all types of removal services. SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE (S.O.S.) 6505 North … Read more

Junk Removal Specialist

Do I call a Wrecker?

Junk Removal Service SOMETHING OLD SALVAGE Something Old Salvage is in the business of making your life a little easier.  So if you find yourself standing there staring at something while you wonder how in the world you are supposed to get rid of it, give us a call.  We have a team of professionals … Read more

Junk Removal Service

Make it go Away!

Junk Removal ServiceSomething Old Salvage  Do you ever look around the yard and in the garage and wonder what happened?  Do you ever wonder: why you have a child’s bike when your youngest is in college….why you keep the grill with the rusted out bottom…when is the last time that cooler was even used…..what made you … Read more

Commercil Cleaning Service Pensacola

No Job Too Small

Trash Removal Something Old Salvage Whether you are a landlord who is dealing with bad tenant leftovers or a renter moving into a less than expected situation, we can help.  We can keep you from risking a back ache, from buying the gloves you would need for the job, and the city’s fee for them … Read more